TikTiks is a community of sport fans that believes in a better way to buy and sell tickets directly with other fans. Join the movement!
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What Are Sport Fans Saying?
I use this app to buy Flames tickets. It’s super convenient because you can
search for the specific game you want and filter by how many tickets you
want. Sellers often sell at or below face value and it’s guaranteed by TikTiks
so you can rest assured you won’t be scammed.
-iTunes Customer JTro1414, Jan 13, 2016
TikTiks is an amazing app that is very easy to use
and The fees are very reasonable!!
#@!$ that was easy! This is a killer app.
Used TikTiks for the first time and was very impressed with all the
functions and layout of the app. Service fee is very reasonable!
Anytime I need to unload my tickets I just set my seat info, set my selling price and
then email my tickets to TikTiks and then wait for them to sell and receive my payment.
No hassles, no worries, don't have to waste time messaging people/meeting up etc.
No need to worry about scammers etc.
Easiest, fastest way to buy tickets! And you can trust where
your getting them from which is a huge bonus!
I love the simple yet effective way of selling my tickets seeing them displayed all
the time makes it easier to sell a trusted seller and process.
What Are Sport Fans Saying?
What is TikTiks?
TikTiks is a web and mobile app that provides a safe and secure marketplace for fans to seamlessly buy and sell last minute tickets. Sellers are able to post unusable tickets for sale and buyers are notified when their preferred tickets become available to purchase. We also aggregate the best value tickets from the most trusted sources and offer the lowest transaction fees on the market for the modern sports fan.
Why use TikTiks?
Since our inception, our team has been dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable ticketing experience for the modern fan. We make ticketing fun again by transparently connecting buyers and sellers directly with each other to complete secure last minute transactions from their phones. By verifying the validity of every ticket we sell, we can GUARANTEE that buyers aren’t left hanging outside the venue and sellers receive their payout with 48 hours after the event.
How does TikTiks work?
It's really as simple as it sounds.. Verified sellers can post tickets for sale with a couple taps and potential buyers are notified and able to purchase tickets in their preferred price range.
How do I post tickets for sale?
The posting process is designed for season ticket holders looking to off-load tickets they can’t use. We verify sellers through their Facebook account and Credit Card information and allow them to pre-load their tickets and choose the games they want to sell for. Once you successfully create a post, all you have to do is send us a PDF or QR version of the ticket and your job is done! Once we have received the tickets, we will send you a confirmation email confirming your post is live and again when your tickets have sold.
When do I get paid?
All payouts are done through Interac e-mail transfer to ensure speed and security. Once your post is live, we will be working hard to sell your ticket and when we do, you will be notified via email. TikTiks reserves the right to hold payout funds for up to 48 hours after the start of the event to ensure the validity of the ticket. Trusted and verified sellers get paid within 48 hours of the transaction being processed.
How do I buy tickets
Casual fans can browse events and available tickets from the Buy tab on the app. Once a set of tickets has been selected, you simply select the Credit Card you’d like to use and complete the checkout process which will pre-authorize the transaction until the tickets are delivered. Purchased tickets are either delivered instantly or fulfilled 5-10 minutes after completing your order. Some teams and venues don't distribute tickets until 48 hours before the start of the game. In these cases, we will deliver the tickets and complete the transaction as soon as they have been distributed. If you HAVE NOT received your tickets within 24 hours of gametime, please call our helpline and we will assist you.
How do I pay for tickets?
All payments are collected from the Credit Card of your choice using our Stripe payment integration. The payment is safe and secure, and all Credit Card information is stored securely on PCI compliant servers hosted by Stripe.
How and when will I receive my ticket?
We will send you a digital copy of your tickets which you can access through "Wallet" feature in the app. From here, you can view and scan your ticket and display to gain entry to the event. If the tickets you purchased are instant downloads, the QR code ticket will delivered instantly. Otherwise, your tickets will be delivered 5-10 minutes after the purchase has been completed. As mentioned above, some teams and venues don't deliver the tickets until 48 hours before gametime. In this case, you will receive your tickets as soon as they are distributed to us. We GUARANTEE they will be delivered before the start of the event.
What do I do if there is an issue with my ticket at the door?
If you have ANY trouble at the door, the first thing to do is tap on the Report a Problem button on the Ticket Detail screen in your Wallet. Then, provide us with a short description of your problem and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. Or call us 1-888-6TIKTIK. Our customer service promise is to ensure you get into the event with no further problems, and we will work diligently to make this happen. Remember, our platform was designed with fans pain points in mind. So rest assured, we will be working tirelessly to ensure you get into the venue and your seats before the event starts.
What happens if I sell the tickets outside of TikTiks?
No problem! All you have to do is go into the Wallet, tap sales, tap the game you've listed, then tap cancel transaction. Once you confirm you want to cancel your posting, we will email your tickets back to you for convenience sake, and delete the version we have from our database.